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Item # CM-CV-XXXX, Chemgrate Molded Covered Grating

Chemdeck® is a long-lasting, molded one-piece fiberglass floor product that combines slip-resistant Chemplate® floor plate with corrosion-resistant Chemgrate® grating. The top plate is integrally-molded to the supporting bars for a strong, long lasting surface which provides approximately 50% higher stiffness values than open grating. Chemdeck comes in standard panel sizes with either a 1/8" or 1/4" deep plate applied to standard depths of grating. Chemdeck is available in all four Chemgrate resin systems - FS-25, FGI-AM, CP-84 and VE-25 - offering a variety of colors that complement most walking surfaces.


Product Type

Covered Grating



Plate Depth

1/4 in

Resin Systems





Type WLP Hold Down Clips are recommended to secure Chemdeck and Fibergrate covered grating panels to structural supports in order to eliminate potential damage to the covered grating. Fibergrate provides 8 WLP Hold Down clips per panel.


Molded Grating Resins
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